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Revising my Troodon drawing

Hello everyone. Time to kick off the new year with some much belated paleo-art. One of the projects on my to-do list was to re-do my old and very out-dated 2012 drawing of Troodon. Seven years ago, this drawing was my first attempt at making modern up-to-date paleo-art by featuring theropods with feathers, something that I’d never done before. However, I soon realized that my illustration was utterly pitiful, and I needed to make a new one that was not only more scientifically accurate but also more artistically pleasing. Below is my revised drawing that I made recently. I hope that you’ll agree it’s a distinct improvement. The old drawing has been deleted, partly because I was embarrassed by it, and partly because I don’t what people to get incorrect ideas about what Troodon would have looked like.