Albertosaurus, named after the province of Alberta, Canada, is one of the most well-known theropod dinosaurs. It is a distant relative of T. rex which lived in western North America approximately 75 million years ago (MYA). It was also one of the most wide-ranging, with fossils found from Alaska to New Mexico.

There’s another genus out there called Gorgosaurus. It used to be a species of Albertosaurus, but it was given its own genus distinction. Personally, I don’t think that the morphologic differences are that much to warrant a separate genus. Paleontologists are separated into “lumpers” (scientists who want to combine several different geni into just one genus) and “splitters” (scientists who want to take an established genus composed of multiple species and separate them into different genera). I’m kind of in the middle, but I’m leaning towards being a lumper.

Anyway, enjoy the drawing. Keep your pencils sharp.

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