Tyrannosaurus rex body

Tyrannosaurus rex body

It’s no secret that Tyrannosaurus rex had a large head – it measured five feet long! However, I’ve noticed that many paleo-artists have a tendency to make T. rex’s head too big in proportion to the rest of its body. Tyrannosaurus’ head was five feet long, but it’s body measured forty feet long. That means that its head was one-eighth the length of its body. That is very impressive. However, if we are to believe the physical proportions provided by some paleo-artists, it would appear that T. rex had a head that was much bigger, say around seven or eight feet long! That’s just ridiculous. The only Mesozoic carnivorous animals that have heads anywhere near those proportions are the gigantic “sea dragons” of the Mesozoic oceans – creatures like pliosaurs and mosasaurs. Here’s an example of an early drawing that I did of Tyrannosaurus rex in running pose. You’ll notice that it’s not as detailed as some of my later drawings, but that’s evolution for you – from simple to complex. Hope you enjoy.

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