Tyrannosaurus rex – IN COLOR!

Ever since I put my “Tyrannosaurus rex head” and “Tyrannosaurus rex body” drawings on this website months ago, visitors to this blog have always been looking at them. I know that because I regularly view my visitor stats when I log on, and I am always pleased to see that these two posts are always clicked on. Obviously all of you out there in web-world like them. Thank you. It makes me feel good to know that my work is appreciated.

In keeping with the popularity of these posts on the king tyrant lizard, I have decided to add another one. This one is a color pencil version of my T. rex body drawing, which I posted earlier. I used a combination of Crayola and Prismacolor colored pencils. I chose to make it in a striped green color with a pale tan underside and with black lower legs just to add some eye-catching color contrasts. This color pattern was unusual for me, since I mostly associate Tyrannosaurus with a sort of reddish-brown color. I should point out that we have absolutely no idea whatsoever what color T. rex was. However, since it is hypothesized with some credibile evidence that T. rex lived in forested environments, this color pattern seemed logical.

Hope you enjoy.

Tyrannosaurus rex body color

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