Announcement: I’m now selling prints of my artwork

Hello everybody! Several people online have been asking me if I sell prints of my paleo-art drawings, and I have always told them no…until now. I have recently set up an account on the website “Fine Art America” where you can purchase prints of my artwork. You can find my gallery here:

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  1. Congratulations on the shop! I’m curious on what Fine Art America is like as a platform. I have all my art on Redbubble, since I like to have my artwork on various objects. Is Fine Art America only prints? Have you tested the quality?

    I’m sorry for the bombardment of questions, but I would truly appreciate any answers you are willing to share. I’m always looking for possible platforms and shop possibilities.

    • I’ve only been using F.A.A. for a short time, but from what I can gather, it is very similar to Redbubble. Your images appear on prints (which appears to be their specialty), but they also appear on various personal and household objects. I’d recommend checking it out further. However, be advised. If you’re uploading only a small number of images to your page, it will be free, but if you want to upload more, then you have to pay a subscription fee that you’ll have to renew every year.

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