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  • Archaeopteryx

    In a previous post, I talked a little bit about the “raptor” dinosaurs and how they had feathers. Here is a drawing of Archaeopteryx, long reputed to be the earliest-known bird. It lived during the late Jurassic Period in what… Read More ›

  • Tyrannosaurus rex body

    It’s no secret that Tyrannosaurus rex had a large head – it measured five feet long! However, I’ve noticed that many paleo-artists have a tendency to make T. rex’s head too big in proportion to the rest of its body…. Read More ›

  • The Presence and Usage of Osteoderms in Dinosaur Paleo-art

    Many times, paleo-artists take a feature that was found in a few species and ascribe it to entire groups. One of these trends is to portray osteoderms on the bodies of dinosaurs in their artwork. The word osteoderm literally means… Read More ›

  • Map of the Germanic tribes, circa 15 BC

    This is one of the pictures which appears in my book. It is a map of the various tribes which existed in ancient Germania at around the year 15 BC. The picture that’s shown in the book is a little… Read More ›

  • Dermodactylus

    Pterosaurs were prehistoric winged reptiles distantly related to the dinosaurs – they were NOT actually flying dinosaurs, despite what some people might tell you. Pterosaurs are broadly categorized into two biological groups called “sub-orders”: the pterodactyloids (this is where the… Read More ›

  • Cretoxyrhina and Squalicorax

    Let’s change from dinosaurs to some other prehistoric life. Here are two prehistoric sharks. The large gray one on top is called Cretoxyrhina mantelli, more commonly known as the Ginsu Shark. The smaller blue one underneath is called Squalicorax falcatus,… Read More ›

  • Giganotosaurus head study

      This was the first illustration that I made which was actually published. I drew this last year for Prehistoric Times Magazine, and it was accepted by Mr. Michael Fredericks, the magazine’s editor. It appeared in print in issue #102… Read More ›

  • Tyrannosaurus pair attacking Alamosaurus

    This was a drawing that I made to accompany my “Tyrannosaurus rex head” drawing. It shows a pair of T. rexes pursuing and attacking an Alamosaurus. This is something that is rarely seen in Tyrannosaurus paleo-art. Usually, the large carnivore… Read More ›

  • Tyrannosaurus rex head

    I have been drawing dinosaurs ever since I was 2, but this was the first drawing that I ever did professionally. It was a pencil illustration of a Tyrannosaurus rex‘s head, which I finished on March 16, 2012, and submitted… Read More ›

  • Regarding permissions

    Before I get underway posting any of my material, I have a few things to say. This blog, like every other blog, is considered a publication, just the same as a book, magazine, journal, or newspaper. Unless stated otherwise, anything… Read More ›