Anzu was a caenagnathid from the Hell Creek Formation. I wrote of its discovery and naming in an earlier post that you can read here. The caenagnathids were a primitive group of oviraptorosaurs, the “egg thief” dinosaurs. Anzu is so far the largest species from this group found in North America, measuring 10-13 feet long from nose-tip to tail-tip, and it was also one of the last of its kind.

In terms of this picture, the chicken-like wattles are purely conjecture on my part, as are the types of feathers and color patterns.

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  1. Wonderful illustration! The only critique I have is that the wing feathers don’t extend from the 2nd finger as they should. Other then that, the patterns on its wings, tail, and body are excellent and give the animal a really bird-like feeling.

    • Yeah, I was a bit concerned about the placement of the feathers upon the arms, especially near the hands, while I was drawing this. I tried to find some reference art or writings to go on, but I didn’t have much luck finding an absolute definitive answer (although paleontology seldom has absolute definitive “this is the final word” answers regarding anything!), so I made an educated guess. Anyway, I’m glad that you like it, and I hope to put up some more drawings once I get the chance.

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