List of My Articles on the Cedar Mountain Formation

The reconstructed skull of Utahraptor, on display in Brigham Young University’s Museum of Paleontology. Photo by Jaren Wilkey of Brigham Young University (January 26, 2018). Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

The Cedar Mountain Formation is a North American geological formation which is found in east-central Utah and a small part of western Colorado. This formation dates to the early and middle Cretaceous Period, spanning about 144 to 95 million years ago, and it provides our clearest understanding of what prehistoric life was like in North America following the end of the Jurassic Period.

I got into the paleo-biology of the Cedar Mountain Formation in early February 2022, and I’ve written several articles and done numerous drawings of animals which lived in this formation. I have decided to post a complete list of all of my Cedar Mountain Formation themed pieces for easy reference. Each one of the links posted here will take to you the article:

I’ll be adding onto this list as I post more articles and artwork concerning the Cedar Mountain Formation, so please be sure to check back here regularly for any new additions.

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