Today in Ancient Rome: A Reference Guide for Articles on the Ancient Roman Calendar

A scene from the movie The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964).

Greetings all. For those who follow this website regularly, you know that ancient history is one of my major academic interests. Beginning in February 2019, I have been posting articles here pertaining to ancient Roman history and culture. In particular, I have taken to writing articles devoted to a particular day in the Roman year which was noteworthy in one respect or another.

However, since I have not posted these calendar-themed articles chronologically – that is starting on January 1 and concluding with December 31 – I sometimes find it difficult to keep track of which days I have already written about and which ones I haven’t. Therefore, for my benefit as well as for yours, dear reader and fellow scholar, I have decided to arrange here a comprehensive list of each calendar-related article which I have written so far, along with website links to access each article. I intend for this list to be continuously updated each time a new article is added, so please be sure to check back here from time to time.













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